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PBM recovery items

Started by Shannan in Preventative Surgery. Last reply by Roxanne Christina Spenceley yesterday. 1 Reply

Hi all,  I just met with a breast surgeon where I'm from- Boston, MA, USA. I am anticipating having PBM this summer. I was just wondering if anyone who has had a mastectomy has a list of items they found useful while in recovery? Trying to prepare…Continue

Scar issues

Started by Laura Barbour in Preventative Surgery. Last reply by tracey Feb 3. 1 Reply

Hello! Has anyone had problems with their scar/s? I had my last surgery in April after needing my implant removed and replaced due to infection, I now have a thick scar which causes considerable discomfort usually during the day.i feel so bad…Continue

Preventative surgery

Started by Victoria Willmott in Preventative Surgery. Last reply by Rachel Feb 1. 1 Reply

Hello. I am brand new to this site so not sure if I am even posting in the right area. A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Chemo started in April and following three sessions I had my Total Abdominal Hyterectomy, omentum removed…Continue

Lipo filling. any advise?!

Started by charlotte wood in New here? Why not introduce yourself... Last reply by Ruth Gunton Jan 11. 2 Replies

After my PBM at the end of July I'm feeling great however have developed a dent/fold on one of my breasts. The nurses have suggested lipo filling.Has anyone had this? What does it involve? Are you put to sleep/does it hurt?!/ is it worth it So many…Continue

new member

Started by tracey in New here? Why not introduce yourself... Last reply by Laura Barbour Jan 10. 3 Replies

Hi I am new to this and until recently did not know this site existed which is annoying as over the last 7 years I have copius amounts of operations which started with a pro philatic double masectomy and is still on going I am now awaiting a full…Continue

Hello to all, this is my first post...

Started by FelicityH in New here? Why not introduce yourself... Last reply by Angela Jan 6. 3 Replies

Good morning all.I am 52.... found out I was BRCA1 positive on the 14th November, it was a shock.....but all you ladies have been there too, and I am so grateful that I will be able to speak to people who actually know what that feels like.I am much…Continue

New to the group

Started by Lynne Carter in Preventative Surgery. Last reply by Susan Rothstein Jan 4. 3 Replies

Hello all,My name is Lynne and I live in Devon.After two attacks of Breast Cancer, I was tested for the BRCA mutation gene.It was discovered that I carry the BRCA 2 breast cancer gene (the same as Angelina Jolie) but without her looks and money!As a…Continue

Disclosing BRCA1

Started by Julie Langley in Insurance. Last reply by Karen Cotton (Admin) Jan 2. 2 Replies

Hi ladiesHave read the previous posts but still a little confused.I have life insurance for a mortgage and have done for some years. I was diagnosed braca1 positive 2.5 years ago. I ve had both my ovaries removed and undergone pMBA 11 weeks ago. do…Continue

New to the group

Started by Alison Self in New here? Why not introduce yourself... Last reply by Karen Cotton (Admin) Jan 2. 1 Reply

Hi there. I'm Alison. So pleased to find this group! Newly identified as having BRCA2 mutation. Had BC 12 years ago but wasn't tested then as no family history of BC - although plenty of other cancers in the family. Lucky for me the hospital where I…Continue

Exercise post op

Started by Julie Langley in Preventative Surgery. Last reply by Karen Cotton (Admin) Jan 2. 5 Replies

Good morning ladiesI'm 11 weeks post op following my PBM and had reconstruction with implants.How soon did any of you undertake excercise.?I've been walking and that's about it. due to see my consultant in 2 weeks and I know I still can't do upper…Continue

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